Filter Coffee

A large cup of Guatemalan Finca La Perla.


Double shot of espresso diluted with hot water to make a long black coffee.


Made with espresso, a generous amount of hot foamed, creamy milk and

garnished with a dusting of chocolate.


A small, strong coffee served black. Rich, aromatic and invigorating.


Rich espresso coffee marked with one or two spoons of warm foamed milk.

Flat White

30ml of espresso blended textured milk with 1cm of stretched milk on top.


Delicious espresso coffee made into a long drink with steamed milk, which, can be

topped off with a light layer of foamed milk.


Sheer indulgence – a combination of espresso coffee, continental chocolate and hot

foamed milk, topped with chocolate curls.


Something so simple, yet so sublime, was meant for this drink. Scrapped chocolate

dissolved into hot milk. Served very hot and frothy.



We stock English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint and Red Bush.

A selection of smoothies, fruit juices and soft drinks are available.

We also provide a range of delicious cakes and treats – you can request these at the time of booking.